LIVGARD Capsules/Syrup/Drops/Tablets

A Truly Liver Tonic in Liver Disorder

Liver: It is the metabolic headquarters in the body. The liver is situated in the upper part of the right side of the abdominal cavity just below the diaphragm in the right hypochondriac region. It secretes BILE JUICE comes to the small intestine through an intercepting storage called as GALL BLADDER via BILE DUCT. The Nutrients on absorption from the intestine go via the portal system of blood vessels (the connecting blood vessels between the liver and the alimentary canal) to the liver.

Liver is one of the main organs of the body. It is very important to maintain LIVER for those who wish to LIVE.

LIVGARD is a distinguished Liver and Gastro intestinal tonic of the day. LIVGARD'S motto is to repair the Liver cells and it's mechanism.



Therefore it is useful in different aspects of life and stages of health. Liver is the Biggest Chemical Factory in the Body.


There are several reasons and causes within causes, which lead to liver disorders. Intermittent, malarial, and low fever, bad food, addiction to smoking – tobacco chewing heavy intake of alcohol are some of the reason that derange the normal functions of the LIVER and subject the person to severe repercussions.

LIVGARD will meet the answer to these problems and beats an easy way to the DOCTOR to help his patients in the first instance.


Restore the normal LIVER function

LIVGARD promotes growth, prevents disorders, stimulates functions and improves appetite and Digestion.

Enhances HEPATO – CELLULAR regeneration.

Protects from Jaundice, Anorexia, and Impaired Bile Secretion.

Composition of LIVGARD Capsule : Each Hard gelatin Capsule Contains :

Arogya Vardhini   (R.T.S.- I) 110mg.
Loha Bhasma   (R.T.S.- I) 80mg.
Punarnava Roots (Boerhavia diffusa) (A.B.) 80mg.
Yakrut Plihari Loha   (R.T.S.- I) 50mg.
Plihari Panchang (Tephrosia purpurea) (A.B.) 40mg.
Bhringaraj Panchang (Eclipta alba) (Bh.P) 40mg.
Excipients ………………………………………….Q.S.

Composition of LIVGARD Syrup : Each 10ml. contains Extracts derived from :

Vidanga Fruits (Embelia ribes) (A.B.) 50mg.
Kasari Seeds (Cassia occidentalis) (A.B.) 40mg.
Kasni Seeds (Cichorium intybus) (Bh.P) 30mg.
Hansaraj Panchang (Adiantum lunulatum) (A.B.) 30mg.
Kalmegh Panchang (Andrographis paniculata) (Bh.P) 20mg.
Pippali Spikes (Piper longum) (A.B.) 20mg.
Plihari (Tephrosia purpurea) (A.B.) 10mg.
Ativisha Roots (Aconitum heterophyllum) (A.B.) 7.5mg.
Kakmachi Twigs (Solanum nigrum) (A.B.) 5mg.
Flavoured Syrup base.…………………………………………….Q.S.

Composition of LIVGARD Drops : Each ml. contains Extracts derived from :

Hansaraj Panchang (Adiantum lunulatum) (A.B.) 3mg.
Vidanga Fruits (Embelia ribes) (A.B.) 3mg.
Kasari Seeds (Cassia occidentalis) (A.B.) 3mg.
Kasni Seeds (Cichorium intybus) (Bh.P) 3mg.
Kutaj Bark (Holarrhena antidysenterica) (A.B.) 2mg.
Pippali Spikes (Piper longum) (A.B.) 2mg.
Gokshuru Fruits (Tribulus terrestris) (A.B.) 2mg.
Kalmegh Panchang (Andrographis paniculata) (Bh.P) 2mg.
Plihari (Tephrosia purpurea) (A.B.) 1.5mg.
Ativisha Roots (Aconitum heterophyllum) (A.B.) 1mg.
Kakmachi Twigs (Solanum nigrum) (A.B.) 0.75mg.
Flavoured Syrup base.………………………………………………Q.S.

Composition of LIVGARD Tablet : Each film coated Tablet contains:

Kalmegha Panchang (Andrographis Paniculata) (A.B.) 40 mg.
Kakamachi Berries (Solanum Nigrum) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Katuki Rhizomes (Gentiana Kurroo) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Bhumyamalaki Panchang (Phyllanthus fraternus) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Bhringaraj Panchang (Eclipta alba) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Nimba Leaves (Azadirachta Indica) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Haritaki Fruits (Terminalia Chebula) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Ardrak Rhizomes (Zingiber Officinale) (A.B.) 30 mg.
Chitraka Roots (Plumbago Zeylanica) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Vidanga Seeds (Embelia Ribes) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Kasamarda Seeds (Cassia Occidentalis) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Biranjasif Leaves (Achillea Millefolium) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Kanchka Seeds (Caesalpinia Crista) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Excipients Q.S.


Hepatitis, Sluggish Liver, Anorexia, Jaundice, Loss of Appetite, Restricted Growth, Alcoholic Liver disorder, Drug induced Hepeto-toxicity and as adjuvant therapy in Hepatitis B.


LIVGARD Capsules : 1 to 2 capsules T.I.D. ( Three times in a day ) or As directed by the Physician.

LIVGARD Syrup : Two Teaspoonful 3 times in a day for 2 months or as directed by the Physician.

LIVGARD Drops : Neonates : 4 to 6 Drops T.I.D. Infants : 5 to 10 Drops T.I.D. Children : 10 to 20 Drops T.I.D.

LIVGARD Tablet : 1 to 2 Tablets T.I.D. ( Three times in a day ) or As directed by the Physician.


LIVGARD Capsules : 1 Box containing 10 blister strips of 10 capsules each. A Plastic Jar Pack of 250 Capsules.

LIVGARD Syrup : Available in 100 ml & 200 ml Pet bottle

LIVGARD Drops : Available in Pet bottle of 30ml. with Carton & Dropper.

LIVGARD Tablet : A plastic jar pack of 250 Tablets.

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